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  • Your Guide to the Election Process
    Updated On: Jan 19, 2018
    Showing Interest #1   The National Labor Relations (NLRB) requires that a minimum of 30 percent of the employees sign authorization cards/petitions before it will conduct an election.
    Election Petition Filed #2   Local No. 1473 presents the cards/petitions to the NLRB with a request that it conduct an election. The employer never sees the authorization cards/petitions, and the NLRB won't even tell how many employees filled them out.
    Election Date Set #3   The Union, an employer representative, and the NLRB meet to set an election date.
    NLRB Election
    (Secret Ballot)
    #4   You decide by a secret ballot if you want UFCW Local No. 1473 to begin negotiations with your employer. A "Yes" vote gives you the chance to proceed.
    Preparation for Negotiations #5   During the seven to ten days it takes for the NLRB to certify the election results, you and your fellow employees will meet to decide what specific benefits you would like to have in a first contract. Also, you will start thinking about electing a negotiating committee.
    Please return your contract questionnaire.
    Negotiations #6   The employees' negotiating committee, UFCW representatives, and the employer begin a series of meetings to work out differences and develop a contract offer.
    Registering to Vote #7   The employees' will fill out a membership application, which allows you the right to vote.
    Ratification #8   You will meet to discuss and vote (by secret ballot) on the employer's offer. If rejected, we go back into negotiations. If accepted, wage rates and all new benefits begin.

    For: Questions, Comments or Assistance?
    Contact: UFCW Local 1473 at 1-800-472-1660

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